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What is Electrode Paste?

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In metallurgy and other industries, there are a lot of materials are essential, electrode paste is one of them, the public may not know enough about it, electrode paste is actually a kind of conductive material, usually used in electric furnace equipment, there is a saying that there is a self-baking electrode, which means that the heat in the furnace can help it complete its consumption. Therefore, the electrode has a great impact on the normal use of the whole electric furnace, so we must choose the electrode paste with good oxidation resistance and conductivity.


Electrode paste is a conductive material for iron alloy furnace, calcium carbide furnace and other electric furnace equipment. Electrode paste, also known as self-baking electrode, is roasted by the heat in the submerged arc furnace.


Now there are many merchants in the market are producing electrode paste, in understanding what is electrode paste? After this question, if there is a need for daily work, you can buy and use it, so what are the characteristics of the electrode paste? First of all, the electrode paste height, the value is not the greater the better, too high may appear particle delamination phenomenon, but if too low will affect the filling.


In addition, the sintering performance of the electrode paste is very important, it is necessary to improve, but it is greatly affected by the temperature, generally higher than 300 degrees before there can be a higher tensile strength.


Nowadays many manufacturers need to use a variety of raw materials in production, such as commonly calcined anthracite, metallurgical coke powder and medium temperature coal tar pitch, the cost of these materials is still relatively low, but for the consideration of many aspects, the raw materials can be replaced and upgraded, for example, electrically calcined anthracite can be used instead of ordinary calcination, and the specific resistance can also be reduced a lot. The quality of electrode paste can also be improved after the use of higher quality materials.



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