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What is the application of electrode paste?

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Electrode paste finds application primarily in the steelmaking industry, especially in electric arc furnaces (EAFs) and basic oxygen furnaces (BOFs). It serves as a crucial component in the production of steel through the process of electric arc furnace steelmaking.


Here’s how electrode paste is used:


Electric Arc Furnaces (EAFs): In EAF steelmaking, electrode paste is used as the conductive material in the form of carbon electrodes. These electrodes are consumed during the steelmaking process as they conduct electricity and generate the high temperatures required to melt scrap steel. The paste form allows for efficient feeding and uniform distribution of current throughout the melting process.

electrode paste


Basic Oxygen Furnaces (BOFs): In some cases, electrode paste can also be used in BOFs, although less commonly than in EAFs. In BOF steelmaking, the paste can be injected into the molten metal bath to adjust the chemical composition of the steel and to remove impurities through reactions with carbon.


Other Industrial Processes: Electrode paste can also find applications in other high-temperature industrial processes where the conductivity and high-temperature resistance of carbon are advantageous.


Overall, electrode paste plays a critical role in the steelmaking process by providing a reliable source of electrical energy and facilitating the melting and refining of steel in electric arc furnaces.

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