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What is the use of Electrode Paste?

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When it comes to electrode paste, we may think of graphite electrode. The working principles of electrode paste and graphite electrode are very similar, but they are total different production. We all know graphite electrode paste is mainly used for steel-making in electric arc furnace. How about electrode paste? Toady we will discuss what is elelctrode paste and it’s uses.


Carbon electrode paste is also called self baking electrodes and soderberg electrode paste, it is a black solid substance which is produced of calcined petroleum coke, calcined anthracite, calcined pitch coke, coal tar pitch, asphalt, and other additional materials.


Electrode paste is used as a conductive material supplied to submerged arc furnace such as various types of ferrous alloys furnaces and non ferrous alloys furnace, such as calcium carbide furnace. Due to it’s low cost compared with carbon electrodes, sometimes, electrode paste is also used for smelting yellow phosphorus.


Electrode paste is fed into a furnace through an electrode holder and melted in an arc between the electrode and the workpiece. The high temperature of the arc melts the raw materials, which react with each other to form the desired alloy. So electrode paste is a crucial part of the ferroalloy production process and has a direct impact on the quality of the final production.


Electrode paste can be produced in different forms through different moulds, generally, it is in trapezoid, egg-shape and cylinder. However, the forms of electrode paste has no effect on the use in furnace.


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